Friday, February 8, 2013

Meeting God in Learning

I've been back to school, and I cherish -- do cherish! -- the time of learning, the knowledge, and the value of it. Sometimes, it is important to let go of sharing with others what one learns when time is scarce and proportioned only for the learning of one's mind and heart. I mean: There is time to learn; there is a time to share what one learns.

Growing in wisdom is important. How are you in your own space of learning? Have you read any interesting books lately? The cyberspace is a wonderful place to grow in knowledge, but do be careful with what it offers. Be choosy when in comes to what should become a part of your precious life. For instance, are you a visual person like most people? Then guard your eyes and select only sites where you can grow in wisdom of God. Read only those that the soul reads as pure, holy, and adding to the spiritual growth. Oh, one can never go wrong with reading the book of life -- the Bible! The bible is a wonderful companion to growing in wisdom, in all aspects of life actually, especially in loving!

Here's 1 Corinthians 13, one of the readings we had in church lately. About love, it brings one to meditate on love and takes it to the ordinary rituals of the day. Try replacing "I" with your name. See what you can come up with. Have a wonderful date with God through learning!