Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lent 2013

"Fall, fall in love with God, and let your soul and conscience grow big in him! Don't choose to do the bare minimum, for that cuts off the arms of holy desire. We don't have to be so small hearted in the face of such generosity."  --St. Catherine of Siena

How are you in your spiritual journey? Our Church has entered into a beautiful time in our liturgy. Much is to be cherished. Much is to be taken in, yet much also should be tossed out. It is an exciting path to take that is marked by new discoveries amidst some rough edges and possibly some potholes. Look harder, there is a gem hidden on the way. If you hurry, you will miss it and the chance to see its worth. 

So, let's you and I take the time to be with God as we walk his 40 days of fasting. When you think you have run out of gas, remember the Holy Spirit is the igniter of the journey. Some food for the journey? One thing about this course we are taking is that food is free, it brings life, and it never fails to sustain. That food is God himself there in our Church in the form of Bread. Some wine to go with it? It is there too, in fact, it is the perfect wine because it is the Precious Blood that has already been shed for us, giving us the freedom to love God as his own.  

A blessed and joy-filled Lent!