Monday, January 14, 2013

New Year's Resolutions for Year 2013?

How are you doing on your new year's resolutions? It's not that I am discouraging you, but establishing resolutions for the new year is like finding a needle in a haystack -- surely, never in the beginning of the journey. One is often too enthusiastic about getting it right that all efforts are centered on making it happen, on making it work no matter out. Well, all might be well with this kind of attitude.

Oftentimes, however, as one journeys on, the needle in the haystack becomes a distant focus. Enthusiasm wanes. The needle becomes a mere object of the past, that, once appearing large and shiny and easy to find, has become disproportionately diminished in relation to the goal.

Attitude is key. Attitude is proportionate to malleability. When one is willing to be broken, formed, and reshaped once again, the process of finding the needle in a haystack becomes a beautiful part of the mind, heart, and soul. There is, however, more to beget.

Meet God everyday in prayer. With this lifestyle, though life appears chaotic, in God, all shall be well. There is absolutely no getting lost in finding the needle in the huge pile of hay when one's life is centered on, being piloted by, and continuously recreated by God -- he who is both the needle maker and one who repositions the needle in the haystack.

Embrace God in scripture daily. Malleability of one's life in scripture reading and contemplation becomes a natural process of growth. Seeking always what it is is God's will opens many doors to new discoveries, excitement in the journey to God, and peace.

Be kind and giving. Love and the expressions of it should be laudable within the confines of our homes, our vocations, our community. Many are the issues we face in the changing world. Where are you called to speak and bring to motion the voice of God? Life is too precious to just sit around and wait and be an object of change. Use the many tools of technology to master the channeling of God into the life of others, and not to be mastered and overcome by these tools. Stay unplugged, but plugged in always to the source of life and love.

Are these your new year's resolutions? They may be, but here's a secret to keep: Don't make them New Year's resolutions. Make them a way of life.

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