Sunday, December 9, 2012

Slowing Down with a Book this Advent?

A repost from last year, with a very, very good message:

Advent: a season of contemplation and pondering. Never to be missed when God allows the movement of time to caution us to dance to its softer pace -- that we may anticipate well his coming!

What are you reading this Advent? This is an important question. For as we delve into the time in our Church when we need to slow down, we need to be replenished -- deeply -- with words that will bring us the joy of looking forward to meeting Christ. He shall come, no doubt!

When he's finally come we want to be found ready and worthy of his loving presence. For the meantime, he looks forward to being with us. He longs to be with us.

Have we made any efforts to prepare, to slow our movements, to relish in the moments of longing for the Beloved? For as he longs to be with us we, too, should be impassioned with a great longing to be with him.

For good books to read this Advent, visit the Daughters of St. Paul.

A most joyful Advent to all!

(Picture is taken from
Catholic Mom in Hawai'i. Thank you, Esther G!)