Saturday, December 31, 2011

How to mark your doorposts with Epiphany chalk

A great Catholic site for Epiphany blessing of the home for this year  2015 (updated),  which includes prayers that you can print for the whole family to use during the blessing of the home using chalk.

What to do with chalk prior to Epiphany blessing? Bring pieces of chalk to a priest or deacon and ask him to bless them.

This is a joyful time for the family to build on its prayer foundation. The father leads in the prayer and children take turns inscribing the numbers and letters on the doorposts of the home. In the absence of the father, the mother can lead in the prayer -- this is the case for friends of mine with husband/father in the military.

Enjoy this event exercising loving patience for the little ones. We aim not for perfection of letter and number writing of the children, but to focus on the loving presence of God whose desire is to bless the home and those who dwell in it; and as this is done, the family's ties with God is strengthened. Family activities such as this one will serve, no doubt, to renew and solidify the bond among its members.

A joyful Epiphany to all!